Burn Body Fat Wicked Fast with the Keto-Fu Plan

The Human Torch by Steve Epting


First, some backstory.

The Keto-Fu plan was first published online under the title Keto Diet Plan circa eight years ago on the Bodybuilding.com discussion forum. Soon after, a woman from Chicago emailed me. She wrote that a sales person at the local GNC outlet lost 18 lbs in a month on a diet he found on the internet. She asked for the link and it was the Keto Diet Plan!

Anyway, to make a short story even shorter, she was excited and she encouraged me to expand it into a book. The Keto Diet Plan eventually evolved into a chapter of the book Zero to Superhero.

Zero to Superhero took over four years to research, test and write, and although it’s now been put out to pasture, it had a good run. People seemed to feed off the energy and enthusiasm of the book. Good thing, since it took a lot of energy to write.

Oh yeah, and you know the rigmarole. Zero to Superhero, in whole and in part, is for entertainment purposes only. I’m not a doctor or a registered nutritionist. I’m just a guy who likes to get the inside scoop on topics that interest me, and share the information with others who could benefit.

Alright. With introductions out of the way, I’ll show you how to burn body fat like a human torch – the the Keto-Fu Plan.



The primary objective is for your body to achieve a seemingly magical metabolic state known as ketosis, and to do this you must forsake all carbohydrates. Pastries, breads, most soups (etc, etc) are all forbidden.

You may think abstaining from carbohydrates will be a piece of cake, but cake has carbs too, so you’ll have to think of another metaphor!

No carbohydrates means no condiments like ketchup salsa or even mustard. It means no juice, colas or milk, only water. A double no to the popular “diet” Crystal Light powdered drink mixes. Crystal Light contains dangerous neurotoxins aspartame and acesulfame potassium in it (the “Red 40″ and “Yellow 5″ listed on the ingredients can’t be all that good for you either). Stay away.

You CAN eat eggs and cheese at breakfast, but not toast. Black coffee is okay (for you that is, I’m a Latter-Day Saint and drinking coffee is against the LDS Health Code, so I won’t personally endorse it).

Fruit is a big negatory. Fruit is extremely healthy and beneficial, but for the ketosis phase of the Keto-Fu plan to work optimally, you half to cut it out. Take vitamins instead.

Not to fear: Eating fruit and still maintaining ketosis IS possible, if you know the tricks. For now, stick as rigidly as you can to your new no carb policy until you have a few “cycles” under your belt.

If you are a vegetarian, great. I personally won’t buy meat (with exception to sardines, salmon and tuna). Vegetarians and vegans merely need to use whatever no / super low carb meat substitutes they normally use.

Keep calorie consumption of good fats (forget trans fats and bacon gristle, it’ll kill ya) higher than your calorie consumption of protein. By “good fats” I’m suggesting Omega 3, in liquid not capsule form. Flaxseed oil and hemp seed oil are perfect.  Add it to your dark green vegetables (which are Keto-Fu safe in moderate amounts) or in a no carb protein drink. Try and keep good fats at at least 60% of your total caloric intake.

And another thing, keep your overall caloric consumption to a minimum. This shouldn’t be a problem since fat and protein meals provide satiety, and you’ll be avoiding carbs which typically make people hungry faster. On the Keto-Fu plan, your stomach will shrink, but without any uncomfortable hunger pangs.



The day you begin the Keto-Fu plan is critical. You want to transition into ketosis as quickly and easily as possible.

Being in a state of ketosis is the golden goblet of fat-burning. In ketosis, your body will incinerate midsection flab like a blast furnace. Yes, that’s correct, problem areas like love handles and thighs are first to die!

In ketosis, your body is utilizing your own body fat stores as its primary fuel source. It’s like paying off the principle of a mortgage before the interest!

It’s why the Keto-Fu plan (and it’s ketogenic ilk) rock so hard.

Now it’s time to stop daydreaming of a leaner, healthier self and start moving. To achieve the ketosis fat-burning state, you’ll need to do four things:
1. Abstain from eating carbohydrates, essentially replacing carbs with good fats (i.e. flaxseed oil)
2. Engage in intense cardiovascular exercise for a minimum 20 minutes to get into ketosis fast (rather than the alternative which is fasting 24 hours). Do cardio activity whenever possible (but don’t overdo it).
3. Drink lots of water. Eight glasses isn’t nearly enough because you’ll need to flush out all the body fat you’ll be losing so fast.
4. Take an unsweetened fibre supplement like Metamucil

Cardio in the morning burns the most fat of the entire day. Intense exercising in the morning, with zero glucose in the blood is fat burning Nirvana! Take full advantage of your mornings to burn the most fat possible.

If you want to work out at the gym, and by that I mean lift weights, you can still do so. However, having eaten no carbohydrates for x amount of days, you may be feeling slightly under the weather (it’s normal) and as weak as a newborn kitten (also normal).

I suggest bringing a protein drink consisting of  whey protein isolate, table sugar, creatine, and my favorite amino acid of all time: glutamine. Zero to Superhero recommends specific amounts and other wicked combinations to help build muscle and burn fat faster.

Sip it in-between sets to give you some energy and power.

Will the sugar kick you out of ketosis? Absolutely, but your muscles will need the amino acids of the protein drink and the sugar will kick the hormone insulin into gear and drive the nutrients of the drank into the muscles and cells.

When you’re finished your work out how to a small carbohydrate meal with an apple cider vinegar tablet and chromium to maximize your insulin uptake.

After this small carb meal return back to your no carb diet.

After five days of carbohydrate depravation, you may want to take a break and eat some “fun foods” for a change. Perhaps you started the Keto-Fu plan on Monday morning, it makes sense you would want to transition to more “normal” foods come Friday afternoon when you say, have the kids for the weekend.



If that sounds like a plan, then I have a mindblowing proposition for you! It’s called the “The Freakender”  and it will allow you to eat pastries, cakes and cereal like it’s going out of style. It’s similar to what marathon runner’s “carb load” before a big race, but it’s more aggressive.

There are some “massive” benefits to “The Freakender” high carb phase:

• The Freakender is highly anabolic, which means it builds muscle
• The Freakender is fun because you can eat cereal pastries, past and other highly refined high carb foods without gaining an ounce of flab
• Calories aren’t an issue, neither are grams consumed (as long as you don’t want to be too specific and hard-core about it)
• After The Freakender, the strength gains you receive are incredible, allowing you to lift more weight and run farther than you thought possible
• After The Freakender, your muscle bellies are pumped full of glycogen and look huge
• Best of all, if you carb load correctly, you won’t gain any body fat whatsoever. You WILL likely gain muscle and likely even get leaner

P.S. While we’re on the topic of radical, ketogenic-type diets, I’d be amiss if I didn’t acknowledge two inspirational books of mine:

• The Ketogenic Diet: A Complete Guide for the Dieter and Practitioner by Lyle McDonald
• Underground Bodyopus: Militant Weight Loss & Recomposition, by the late and great Dan Duchaine.

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Erase Bad Memories Forever. Here’s How:

Erase bad memories Forever - photo by Sasha W


Summary of “Erase Bad Memories Forever. Here’s How:” (via tldr.io)

  • Painful memories can be triggered by words
  • Hypothesis that new words and a new vocabulary can eradicate memories
  • Learning a new language is like the rebirth of the mind

I’ve made some big mistakes in my life. One mistake in particular stole a chunk of years and left me only with the strewn wreckage of bad memories. These memories, innocently enough, are triggered by mere words.

For example, the word sunrise should invoke the rich, shimmering colours of daybreak into the mind’s eye. But if you used to watch each morning’s sunrise with someone who is gone, the word may remind you of  loss and even betrayal.

Tragically, one of the most  serene and beautiful exhibits of nature becomes a source of anguish, and an innocent seven letter word now carries a payload of painful memories that sears your soul every time you hear it.

Been there. Done that. Bought the t-shirt.

Okay, now let’s imagine the word sunrise no longer exists to you. The memories associated with the word sunrise stay dormant because they are not invoked, and dormant memories become forgotten in time.

So I’m testing a hypothesis. I believe that by learning and adopting a new language, you and I can eradicate memories of the past by replacing words that trigger bad memories with new words and a new vocabulary.

When your entire vocabulary has been replaced, and you think and dream in a new language all the time, any bad memories that were linked with old words and phrases wither away and die.

It’s like the rebirth of the mind. The new language burns clean and sanctifies the mind of any vestiges of a painful past.

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Get The Magic Back With Your Last Known Working Configuration

Bill Gates - Time April 1894


Summary of “Get The Magic Back With Your Last Known Working Configuration” (via tldr.io)

  • This is an easy mindhack for identifying things you enjoy doing, are good at and what makes you happiest
  • Think back to when things were going great for you. Recall what you were doing on a regular basis. Write it down
  • Now recall another span of time in your life when things were going well
  • Again, ask yourself what were you doing on a regular basis that worked for you and write it down
  • Compare the two lists. If you see any matches, resume those activities, as they are likely Keystone Habits

Here’s an easy mindhack for identifying

  • things you enjoy doing
  • things you’re good at and
  • what makes you happiest

It’s based on a Microsoft Windows feature called the Last Known Working Configuration, also known as a rollback.

Use it to get back on track when life starts to suck.  Here’s how to do it.



Think back to when things were going great for you. A happy period in your life. Take the time to recall what activities you were doing from dawn to dusk.

In particular, what you were doing on a regular basis? For example, were you going to the gym every day? What was your diet like? Were you painting? Playing guitar in a band? You get the idea. Write this down.



Now… recall another span of time in your life when things were going well. It may be years before or after the first happy period of your life. Again, what was a typical day like back then? What were you doing on a regular basis that worked for you? Write it down.



Now compare the two lists. See any matches? If you do, start there. Resume those daily activities. They are what Charles Duhigg in his book The Power of Habit calls keystone habits. They affect other seemingly unrelated aspects of your life for the better.

For example, regular exercise is a keystone habit. When you start exercising consistently, you start eating better, feeling calmer and stronger, sleeping better and so on.

Making the bed is apparently another keystone habit.

A match may also uncover a hidden passion or talent, an ability that allowed you to express your individuality or be of service to others. Restart it and see if it doesn’t make your life a whole lot better.

How To Get The “Runner’s High” Every Time

runners high - photo by by lululemon athletica


Summary of “How To Get The “Runner’s High” Every Time” (via tldr.io)

  • Runner’s high is the body’s way of communicating approval
  • Endorphins and growth hormone response are said to cause the runner’s high
  • Secret to getting the runner’s high is frequent and repetitious movement, for at least 30 minutes

I always thought the runner’s high was the body’s way of communicating approval. A reward for pushing it, taxing it in a controlled way.

But what causes that amazing, drug-free high when we run, walk or engage in certain physical activities? Or, to rephrase the question, what’s the easiest, surest way of getting that natural high on demand?

Endorphins. That’s the stock answer you’ll get from most personal trainers when you ask them what causes that tripped out Zen master vibe. And who’s to blame ‘em? Science still hasn’t figured out what exactly the runner’s high is and what causes it.

Other, more fringe answers range from “it’s your body going into shock as you pound your knee joints into powder” to hormonal secretions from the brain.

Another guess might be a growth hormone response. A recent and most plausible explanation is likely bio-substances in the brain, called neurotransmitters. Dopamine, serotonin and norepinephrine are all feel good neurochemicals that start flowing when the legs get going.

So what’s the secret to getting the runner’s high? The answer seems to be frequent and repetitious movement, for at least 30 minutes. That’s it. It doesn’t even have to be pounding the pavement in your Asics.

You can get naturally “stoned” just by walking or even working if it meets those three requirements.

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Add Crunch to Your Punch

Throw a Punch - Photo by Hobvias Sudoneighm


They call boxing the sweet science. The feints, the fancy footwork, the hooks, jabs and uppercuts that flow in succession with dazzling speed and precision.

It’s a beautiful thing, no doubt about it.

But face it, what’s best isn’t the science of the sport, it’s the art – the art of the knockout. Nothing jacks the crowd more than a thundering punch that suddenly ends a fight!

Probably the best knockout puncher in the history of boxing would be Rocky Marciano. Marciano was world heavyweight champion from 1952 to 1956, and was undefeated throughout his entire professional career.

Even more remarkable was Marciano’s 88% knockout rate, better than George Foreman (87%), Joe Frazier (84%) or Jack Dempsey (79%). He was 187 lbs soaking wet, but threw a harder, heavier punch than pro boxers 50 lbs bigger.

Said Joe Louis, “The Rock didn’t know too much about the boxing book, but it wasn’t a book he hit me with. It was a whole library of bone crushers!”

So what gave Rocky Marciano that fearsome knockout punch, and how can you get it too for when your back’s against the wall and forced to defend you or your loved ones? Zero to Superhero has six power-packed tips to add more crunch in your punch.



Apply plyometrics to your workout regimen. Plyometric exercises like passing a medicine ball, sprinting, ballistic pushups and skipping develop fast-twitch muscle fibres, and more fast-twitch muscle fibres translate to more explosive power.



Lift weights, and do multi-joint, compound exercises that build true power. The best of ‘em are squats and deadlifts.



Go full-on with a punching bag. Punch as hard as you can for as long as you can, and do it bare handed. A former karate teacher instructed his students to do push ups with clenched fists (not open palms) on pavement or other hard surfaces. “If you don’t“, he said, “then don’t bother throwing a punch. You’ll only hurt yourself”.



Plant your feet flat on the ground, using the ground for traction and leverage when you throw a punch. You want to be firmly rooted to the ground so you can swivel-hip all your weight – not just your arms and shoulders – into the punch. “You’ve got to sit down on the punch” boxing commentator Spider Jones used to say.



Inhale on the load up, and exhale when striking. This method is used in martial arts as well as boxing, and is known as a kihap. Martial artists often follow up the strike with a yell for a psychologically jarring effect. It may buy you time to escape if you need to.

Don’t punch at the object, visualize your fist punching through the object. This one tip alone can make an incredible improvement on your striking power (just don’t go around slugging people).

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